Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice – Bill E. Ireland YDC Facility in Milledgeville, Georgia

Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission and Union Recorder press releases both highlight a ribbon-cutting ceremony, ushering in the official re-opening of a portion of the Milledgeville Bill E. Ireland YDC Campus. (See links below for articles.)

This newly renovated 30-bed Intensive Treatment Unit opened in January 2015 and provides intensive treatment to the most disruptive, aggressive and high-risk male youths from other facilities.  The youth served by this facility have presented major safety concerns and have been highly unresponsive to treatment and programs at other facilities. 

The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice commissioned McCall Architecture to provide architectural services for this challenging project. In order to successfully turn this vacant facility into an Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU), properly equipped to house and serve the needs of these high-risk youth, McCall Architecture designed the renovation of the building to include high security fixtures and equipment, IP addressable video surveillance, electronic locking control systems, and integrated intercom systems. In addition, the project includes extensive re-working and replacement of existing security doors, frames and hardware.

This project was constructed by R. W. Allen, LLC.

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